Distance to shipwreck 1hour+10mins

Departure from the port of tsilivi visiting first the most famous beach in the world, the Shipwreck. Stay for swimming about 1h. Next stop is St.andrews beach. On our way back visit the amazing blue caves, you can swim in the caves and explore them. Next stop is St. Nikolas stop when we stop for our lunch. Lastly we visit the ancient roman thermal spa of Xigia Beach


Distance 1h and 25 mins

First stop is the famous keri caves.Our boats enter the caves so you can see the most beautiful colours. The beautiful color of the caves resembles that of the rainbow. We stop for lunch in keri lake resort and next stop is the white beach of turtle island that is famous as a nesty beach of caretta-caretta.Our last stop is to spot the turtles in the bay of lagana and swim with them.

Trip around the island(Only with skipper)

Departure at 9AM.Visit Xigia beach, blue caves, shipwreck(swim) ,Porto vromi, Porto roxa, Porto limiwnas, explore the famous Keri caves and stay for lunch in Keri lake resort. Next stop is the unique white beach of turtle island and at the end we visit the golf of laganaso we can spot the famous caretta turtles.

Convoy Trip(Groups)

We are the first in our branch that we have established these trips. These are being promoted for large groups of people (who wants to have fun together and not to be separate). The head boat will be driven by our skipper while the other boats will be driven by our customers

East Kefalonia(Only with skipper)

A trip at the east side of the Kefalonia island only with a captain

  1. Departure 9:00, distance 1+40 minutes
  2. We visit the east side of the island. We start from the unique Lake Cavern of Melissani. An amazing lake where our ancestors used to celebrate the mighty god “Pan”. An amazing sansuary. Next stop is the famous “Drogarati caves”. We stay at st.efimia port for lunch. Many stops for swimming. Return between 4:30-5:30.
  3. Our boats are also available to transfer you in every other place you want in kefalonia.
  4. We make a stop wherever you like for swimming.

We offer two kinds of fishing trips

1) Zante and kefalonia.Distance 1h+30 mins.
Departure 7 o’clock with a professional guide for really big fishes. Return 3 o’clock


2) Go fishing by yourself. We can supply you with our professional equipment or you can bring yours. We give you directions to the most popular fishing places. Bring your company to enjoy your days with you.